There are a lot of houses in the humble town of Exeter. But one of them catches the eye. It is the small house named Dutch House. It is one of the oldest buildings in Exeter. It is 255 years old. It is made of wood and it has never been reinforced, so it could catch fire easily. It has 6 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and 3 bathrooms. In the house live 9 students and a teacher. It has small coridors but it’s cozy for everyone. Two people share a room and have two of everything. The exterior is painted white. It looks like it has been painted several times during Dutch House’s lifetime. In the inside, the floor is covered in a grey-blue carpet and the walls are a creamy color of white and pink. The common room has two sofas and a chair. Before it was used as a dorm, it was a residance and in 1789 it was bought by Exeter. I don’t know who built it or who lived in it but I know that now it’s used for a good use, being home to many students who roam the campus.