I like magic.

I started learning magic about 5 months ago. I got interested in magic is because I checked out a video on Youtube. The video was about a magician called David Blaine who performed magic on the street. He is able to float in front of people on the street and do some really cool magic tricks. Since that day I decided to learn magic and perform to people by myself.

In the next few weeks I started to do some research about magic, I learned about what is magic and also how to perform the magic. After a month I already knew a lot of things about magic and some easy beginner’s tricks, and I started to realize what magic really is. I feel magic is an art that combines everything in the world; in every magic performed there are always some language skills, acting skills and even leadership skills.

In the magic performed, magicians always will use the power of language to create a special environment for the audience. The audience will follow the magician and go into the magic world, and enjoy the illusion that magicians create. The language helps the magician control his or her audience more easily and makes the magic better. Also, the magician needs to have good acting skills to perform the magic. When the magician stands on the stage he can’t just do the illusion and walk away, he needs to bring a complete show to the audience. Magicians will become an actor on the stage, but instead of being an actor of drama, magicians will become an actor of illusion. By the acting skills and special props, a magician will always make the impossible possible.

Over next few months I always tried my best to learn how to create the illusion in front of people. I practiced every move again and again to get good at it. I try to perform to people who come close to me. In those performances I sometimes succeed and sometimes fail, but I never give up on it. By the love of magic, I always stand up when I fall down. Magic is really not easy to perform, usually a show is only a few minutes, but that few minutes take many weeks of practice.

Now, I am able to perform magic in front of people and have fun. When I know I succeeded in my illusion, I always feel everything I did in those few months are worth it. People always like the magic that I show and like the special shock that this art brings.

After all, magic is not just a few simple tricks for me, it is an amazing art that everyone likes and is a mainstay of my life. Maybe all the illusions are fake, but the magical change of my life is real.