Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School offers a great opportunity for students who are hydrophobic to face their fears in beginners swimming and learn how to swim.

Asiah Irby from Memphis, Tennessee, is enrolled in the Access program  and completed her swim test on Tuesday, July, 21. After two and a half weeks of beginner swimming classes 14-year-old Asiah has learned to be a confident swimmer.

Learning to swim was tough for the young Memphian. “I was good, but I lost my breath during the first swim test,” she said.

In the class Asiah mastered the back float, different swims, and learned to use her feet when she is swimming. Personally she enjoys the back stoke. She explained that it is the easiest and most fun of all that she has learned.

“I love that the teachers didn’t rush you to swim, they work with you, and they are patient with people who can’t swim as well,” said Asiah.

Now that she can swim, Asiah is able to participate in the next trip to the beach and go to Water Country with the rest of her Access friends. Even after class she continues the water fun with her friends in the Love Gym pool. She explained that sometimes the water may be a little cold, but she can’t help but enjoy a good swim.