Disappearing into the unknown,
Is a fear of many who are alone.
Although our disappearance is uncontrollable,
It still makes us inconsolable.

However, there is one thing worse than this,
It’s something that we’re all too quick to dismiss.
Scarier than making any big change,
Is regretting all the decisions that sounded strange.

It’ll leave a ghost behind,
Haunting you gives it power to make you restless.
This emotion is the opposite of “living like it’s your last day”
So strong that it keeps you struggling like its prey.

She walks out and he lets her go,
He holds on but she says it was over a long time ago.
We push away but don’t try to stop it,
Eventually we end up falling into a pit of darkness and say we quit.

“What if” at the beginning of every sentence,
At the end of it all calls for repentance.
Fear clouds your mind at every turn,
Keeps making your stomach churn.

Every day you walked by,
My heart started to fly,
If only I would have run into your arms,
When I knew that it was only me for you.