I remember my first day at Phillips Exeter Academy, and my main concern was how hot the dorms were, and if the fans provided would be enough to cool me down. Now three weeks into the program, I’ve found that my complaints have reversed. Instead of being extremely hot in my room, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting increasingly cold in my classes.

Am I the only one? I came to PEA with a lot of short sleeves and cropped shirts, ready and prepared for the 75-90 degree weather, but now I’m starting to feel as if I should’ve loaded up on the sweaters and long sleeves.

In the defense of the faculty, I have heard from my own teachers back in Brooklyn, NY that colder temperatures supposedly keep you awake. I mean sure, maybe for some people it jolts them awake when fatigue begins to take over them, but for me, it just makes me extremely uncomfortable and tired. It’s come to the point that I’ve found myself pulling my arms into my shirts like a 3rd grader, which is very inconvenient when you’re required to turn pages in a book and take notes consistently. It’s super annoying to have goosebumps popping up on your arms and to have arm hairs tickle each other in my opinion.

But instead of just complaining, let’s find a solution.

Is there any way that the temperature could be raised a tad bit? If so, I’m advocating for the temperature change in the basement level of the Phillips Hall before anywhere else, because I get really cold during my first half of classes!

If we’re going to have to be stuck with the chilly temperatures, we students at Phillips Exeter could easily buy a sweater from the bookstore. They look super comfortable, and I’m sure that the school would pretty cool if we all wore the signature colors around campus.

Whether temperatures have to be changed, or sweaters have to be purchased, I just can’t take the cold much longer! This is Summer School, not winter!