Would it make a difference if they were to remove the flower pots in front of the Phillips Exeter Academy Center? The home feeling will certainly be gone. But why are we accustomed to feeling welcomed with decorations? The idea of capturing nature in a semi-circle, gray pot is quite unique. There are four sections to these decor pieces. The empty space of the flower pot is filled with rich, dark brown soil. The roots lead to the blooming, purple flowers. On top of these are bright yellow flowers. The orange circle within these flowers attracts your eyes. Rows of flowers are the suspenseful music to the long, green leaf sprouting at the top. It takes you to a scene of fresh, cold water sprouting out from a water fountain. Without these decorative flower pots, Phillips Exeter Academy would lose community, comfort, and peace feeling. The nature around campus distinguishes a prison and a beautiful school. All it takes is flowers.