I grew up on a tree branch far away from other trees, I am an acorn. I am an acorn round and small. I have been swinging on this tree for three years already. The climate always changes from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. One day raging wind came rushing towards me. It left me hanging by a little piece of wood. I met an acorn about two and a half years ago and he fell off the tree, he said it felt like they were ripping his skin off. Ever since, I have been afraid to fall off. The next day it was pouring rain and guess what…I fell off. It really did feel as if they were pulling my skin off. I lay on the cold, wet ground. For some reason, the wind shifted me to a school campus. The schools’ name was Phillips Exeter Academy. Everybody steps on me, that is why I am cracked. I am glad I only have a tiny unnoticeable crack, if I were to completely crack, that would mean death. I am always kicked to a corner where no one ever sees me. This is good because it means that a squirrel will not eat me and I will not be stepped on. I always see many students walk by me. They always ignore me; they probably do not even know I exist. One day, a squirrel came up to me sniffed me and tried to eat me. I tried to push myself out but his teeth were too strong. As long as I did not crack more, I was fine. The squirrel gave up so he swallowed me, I am so glad he did this. I eat what the squirrel eats. For example: left overs, it is my favorite! So now, I live in a squirrel. I do not have to struggle on being eaten or cracked anymore. Life is good!