Two super membranes floating in a higher dimensional space wobble parallel to each other, separated by a millimeter, occasionally colliding and launching genesis all over the multiverse — that may be our beginning or is it? To answer that question we need to take a closer look at the quest of unification that may lead to vibrating answers.

In the attempt to describe everything around him, man started observing the transcendent wonders of nature, diving into the vastness of inquiry and levitation. Throughout history, mankind categorized all occurrence and all that seem to exist into two categories: General Relativity and quantum theory. But attaining the state of an autonomous self-consistent Type III civilization, advanced enough to pierce a wormhole to another parallel universe if there is need of survival, is hampered by this division, the hard task of unifying those two giants, this never ending obstacle that kept Einstein himself busy his last 14 years ….

Relativity is majesty of the big, the description of how matter behaves at its enormous scales, the grand design, stars, planets, black holes, gravity, space, time. Here all our concepts of space and time are broken down into elegant physical images that a child can imagine. Space and time are married in a fabric that spreads throughout the universe and most probably to higher dimensions, like a blanket that is geometrically distorted with massive objects like our sun that bend it and causes gravity keeping planets revolving, as well as galaxies, and holds the ultimate fate of our universe, eternal cooling or re-collapse with a new genesis out of a singularity?

But what about time? In fact, General Relativity has two main outcomes that describe the slowing down of time, one in in a gravitational field for example near the event horizon of a black hole and the other at relativistic speeds, good fractions of the speed of light, when time in the spaceship for example runs slower than for an observer at rest and consequently the crew travels to the future knowing that external normal clocks appear to run so fast that years on earth are equivalent to minutes in that rocket. A theory confirmed more and more from its inception till now, for example by NASA’s Gravity Probe B …

On the other side, there is what irritated Einstein but was proved to be unwaveringly correct, quantum theory which basic principles were discussed in the earlier article, dealing with the subatomic scale, where space-time becomes fuzzy, uncertainty, superposition, probabilistic events, particles acting like waves and vice versa, … Now here we are vulnerably living in a world that we barely understand where the ultimate quest of unification that challenged Einstein himself is resurfacing nowadays in the most brilliant minds of the planet; if we get there we will be able to assuage our yearning to become maybe godlike beings… who are we? How to describe everything in the universe in one single elegant equation?

Fortunately, deep-physics is striving to answer this question and to defy the very beliefs that were fostered within us. Our best candidate for such unification, is string theory or M-theory. It tells us that matter is the outcome of tiny vibrating strings that lie inside subatomic particles, at the quark level where our understanding is narrowed. In fact, those tiny strings vibrating at a particular frequency gives us energy with a certain frequency and thanks to E=MC², pure energy turns into mass, a proton, at another frequency neutron and so on… interacting with the Higgs field and acquiring mass which was proved by the powerful LHC.

Moreover, string theory doesn’t only apply to 3 dimensions that we observe, but to 11 and is the most plausible answer. From those 11 dimensions, 6 or fewer  may be compacted and curled down into a tiny amount of space that our cutting edge instruments cannot obviously detect. However, other dimensions may be the one everybody thinks of, huge higher dimensional space in which we float, glued inside a two dimensional membrane that lies parallel to infinite other worlds where all sort of outcomes are possible and luckily in ours the fine tuning of fundamental constants permitted life and consciousness to arise.

Membranes may be connected by singularities in space time called wormholes that are like shortcuts or pathways that link two universes/branes or sphere in a bubbly- like grand arrangement.Or even those universes are coupled with ours and opened to each other but our visible universe does not permit us to observe such distant phenomena. But it’s dazzling how we are biologically designed to perceive time in a certain way that may have nothing to do with reality or what is reality? Some support that time in our universe is an abstract dimension but on a bigger scale, time is reduced to a concrete dimension and other abstract dimensions are the higher ones.

Another possibility is that those branes discussed earlier collide and cause Big Bangs and re-collide and between two collisions the old material is destroyed and new ones are created on an unimaginable large time scale. In a more quantum mechanical world, quantum fluctuations cause the creation of tiny spaces with different set of laws that gives us another universe or even speaking of quantum mechanics, each time a decision is made, the universe splits into two baby ones. Others suggest that infinite and constant genesis occur because of expanding universes that collapse subsequently. Volume, infinite space, are things to think about. Now which outcome is confirmed? Will we be able to unify all fundamental forces and prove one of those consequences? Well, only time can tell, because the answer might just lie ahead…