I will never forget that day, the most memo- rable day in my life. That day I performed the first magic trick in my life.

Istartedlearningaboutmagic6monthsago and fell in love with it. At that time I realized that magic is not that easy to perform; every magic trick always takes a few weeks to practice. I never learned about performing magic before so I needed to start from zero and learn from the easiest move. There is no teacher who could teach me so I needed to learn by myself.

I tried to find all the information about performing magic online and practice by myself. It is hard to find someone who can really teach online, because there are not a lot of people in- terested in performing magic. After two weeks I finally learned of some magician websites that I could learn things from and started to practice my first magic tricks.

It is really hard to start doing magic tricks, because slight of hand is not something that people can easily get good at. I spent a lot of time to improve my slight of hand skill; sometimes I will practice a move again and again for an hour. During that time I always think whether it is worth spending so much times doing this.

My answer to myself is not always the same. Sometimes I really want to give up, and some- times I will think it is worth it to do all of this.

After few more weeks I finally had the confidence to perform magic in front of people. That morning I woke up as usual and went to school, but in my bag there were some playing cards that I didn’t usually have. After school there were still some people hanging out with their friends in the hallway. I took my cards out and walked straight to them. I asked them: “Do you want see something really cool?”

“Sure!” they said. Then I started perform- ing my magic. I took the cards out of the box and used the slight of hand skills that I practiced for a month.

“How did you do that?” they yelled, “that is so cool.” At this time I knew I succeeded. I looked at them and said: “this is magic.”

I went back home and I was so excited about the magic I did that day. At that moment I knew everything I did in this month was worthwhile and I will keep doing it. Now when I have a hard time practicing the magic I will always think about that day — the day that made me want to be a magician.