• Weathering the Weather
    Since the start of this summer, the weather in Exeter has been quite unpredictable. After a rather warm welcome of 87 de
  • By George–It’s 1776 Again!
    The air was thick with apprehension on the morning of July 15. Students had been anticipating Exeter’s Independence Fe
  • Good News Travels Slow
    You might wonder why so many people celebrated their independence on the wrong date. Wasn’t the Declaration of Ind
  • Zumba Dancers Take Assembly (Outdoors!)
    A school-wide Zumba class was held right on the front steps of the Academy Building last Friday. The first-ever outdoor
  • Bloody Nuisance
    Be warned, the clock is tick-ing. Spring, summer and early fall is tick season in New Hampshire. Ticks are most active f
  • Pool of Students Swarms to Lake
    From the numerous jolly activities offered by Phillips Exeter, a trip to Canobie Lake Park is undoubtedly the one recrea



  • These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things
    Exeter summer camp has been recalled as one of the most exciting and memorable experiences for those who attended. It co
  • Students List Goals for Summer Growth
    The first week of Exeter Summer has passed and everyone in the campus is adapting to their schedules day after day, but
  • Help! Where Am I?
    Get lost! Go on, you heard me. Get lost! Sorry, I’m not being rude. I’m just passing on some of the best advice I ev
  • Exeter: Where Tradition is Traditional
    Exeter’s diversity unifies people from all over the world. Every year, people from more than 50 countries join in
  • Eat, Love, Pray
    Many students from across the world come to Exeter Summer for the same reasons, but also for different reasons as well.
  • Upper School Dance? Meh.
    The idea of the Exeter upper school dance sounds like big fun! Well, depending on whom you talk to, the dance was simply


The Summer Times

The Summer Times is the newspaper for Phillips Exeter Academy's Summer School Session.


  • Exeter & All That Jazz
    The earliest recorded evidence of jazz on the PEA campus is archived in the Louis Kahn library, safely tucked in the bas
  • Cruising the Seas, Sail, Don’t Motor
    It’s fun going out on a motorboat and speeding through the water, feeling the wind on your face and seeing the bea
  • Black Lives Matter: Confrontation at the Pool
    The mistreatment of minorities in America has transversed many centuries. A friend of mine, Aryana Rhodes, has witnessed
  • Hail To 2nd City
    Chicago is one of the best cities in the world. It is known for its multiple attractions like the Sears Tower, Millenniu
  • Help! (That’s Why I Volunteer)
    Can you believe that with 7.3 billion people in the world, 795 million people are in need of help? That data was recorde
  • Original Americans Speak Out
    During the 15th century, in the search of India and spice. Christopher Columbus stumbled upon North America and falsely

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