Background English instructor Courtney Marshall treats Exeter Summer to a Zumba lesson. Photo credit: Ralph Blumenthal

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The Summer Times

The Summer Times is the newspaper for Phillips Exeter Academy's Summer Enrichment Session.


  • Affinity Groups Help Us Bond
    The first thing people notice when stepping onto the summer campus of Phillips Exeter Academy is the immensely diverse c
  • Modern Day Slavery in Modern Cities
    When people think of Dubai, the sky-rise buildings and the epitome of modern society come to mind. Glitz, glamour and so
  • Did Death Save Old Europe?
    Plagues and pagans, guilds and goblets, knights and kings… Funny how you never see them around in Europe anymore. Why?
  • Last Straw? Let’s Hope!
    They choke on straws every single day; they choke on these non-biodegradable, tiny, lightweight gadgets that they mistoo
  • The Price is Too Darn High
    I think the price of certain trips is reasonable, but some are not. For example, the $50  for Canobie Lake Park is appr
  • A Critical View of Abortion
    Abortion is an extremely sensitive topic, no matter what gender one is or what country one comes from. In the OECD (an i

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