Background English instructor Courtney Marshall treats Exeter Summer to a Zumba lesson. Photo credit: Ralph Blumenthal




  • Week Two Photos
  • Dreams of PEA Summer: High Expectations
    By Fred Fink, Summer Times Staff Writer By the time you read this, ten days of our thirty-three-day short Summer session
  • A Picture-Perfect Summer
    The 100th year of Exeter Summer has come to a close. Five weeks went by quickly! Here’s a quick recap video from t
  • Why I Love Exeter
    So, I finally I arrived at Exeter Academy on July 1st, ready to be part of the 100th summer session with a group of luck
  • What We Miss: A Bath
    Missing something, or someone?  That’s an emotion every Exeter Summer student probably already experienced in the pas
  • Thanks For the Memories
    Would you say coming to Exeter was a valuable experience? If your answer is yes, then we both have a lot of people to th


  • Week Two Photos
  • Memories
    By Marco Zhao, Guest Contributor  I lost a friend today,I’m trying not to be blue, butWho knows how many more wi
  • A Child’s Drawing of Politics
    By George LeMieux, Guest Contributor 
  • Imagine
    By Marco Zhao, Contributing Writer Imagine Imagine this, You are the lord of darkness Demons surrounding you Sitting on
  • Iris
    By Maya Isabella Alva, Contributing Writer Iris.  The delicate petals Dyed bright indigo Make me wonder When did ev
  • Rolling Black, Rolling White
    By Saanie S. Moodie, Contributing Writer Rolling black, rolling white  A newspaper but instead of focusing on the wh

The Summer Times

The Summer Times is the newspaper for Phillips Exeter Academy's Summer Enrichment Session.


  • Abortion: Stay Informed
    By Arlette Carino and Jolie Lenga, Guest Contributors  In the last decade, barriers to women’s reproductive
  • Song for Myself
    By Carolina Carneiro, Summer Times Staff Writer In the midst of stress and homesickness, as well as anxie
  • The 1969 Voyage of Apollo 11
    By Shankar Chennattu, Summer Times Staff Writer “Three, Two, One, Liftoff!” We are taking a blast to
  • Protests Roil Hong Kong
    By Eunice Lai, Summer Times Staff Writer “I won’t be around anymore,” Claudia Mo, a pro-democracy l
  • Fight Your Loneliness in the Crowd
    By Yizhou Zhao, Guest Contributor  Two weeks ago, when I first came to the summer school, I hardly knew anyone. The fi
  • Hey! Guess What Trash Bins are For?
    By Carolina Carneiro, Summer Times Staff Writer I was sitting down at the Grill one night, when I witness

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