• Mystery Thief Strikes Again at Main St.
    MAIN STREET — On Tuesday night, Main Street dorm experienced yet another theft as $70 was stolen from the wallet o
  • Maya Does It! (Almost)
      With this summer session coming to an end, let us remind you of Maya E. Shrestha, Summer School student from Minn
  • World Education Gets an ‘F’
       Data and survey results by  Gabriel Txai Folly Zazuet, Renata Liu, Yiwen Xu, Melany Zhu As we all know, educat
  • Turn Ur Trash Into Treasure
    Exeter is coming to a close and you will soon be on your way back to see your family and friends this Friday, August 5th
  • GOP, Dems Pick VPs
    In election news, Republican Party Presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic Party Presidential nominee Hillary C
  • ‘Dying’ To Show Solidarity
    On July 24, at 11 a.m., after the assembly, students were stunned to see what was happening right in front of their eyes



  • Upper School Dance? Meh.
    The idea of the Exeter upper school dance sounds like big fun! Well, depending on whom you talk to, the dance was simply
  • Halftime in Sports Program
    Exeter offers many sports to help keep students active during their five weeks of Summer School. There are many diverse
  • Picture This: Friendships That Span the Globe
    Maya E. Shrestha, Summer School boarding student from Minnesota has an ambitious goal for the summer — to meet at
  • LGBT Reading List
    Fiction can be a great medium for understanding and empathy. Below is a list of  books for students who want to educate
  • Glory on the Playing Field
    Exeter Summer School offers a wide variety of sports in its 5 weeks in session, where many decide whether to try a new s
  • Yikes! Germ Attack!
    As our wonderful time together at Exeter ends, we must protect ourselves from the real threat. Flight Germs. Studies fro


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